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The Tell-Tale Signs Of A Bad Boss #business


Let's face it; we have all seen and experienced bad bosses. There are the ones that bully, the ones that only care about themselves and their own career, the cowards that hide behind others or the ones that drive you mad by trying to tell you how to do your job in the minutest level of detail. Seeing bad bosses in action can be hilarious but if you are on the receiving end of a bad boss it is usually no laughing matter. Bad bosses cause so much unnecessary stress in the work place and are a major cause of reduced productivity and performance.

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9 Facts About Snapchat Every Brand Should Know #smm #ErikQualman

Fellow Stanford classmates where snickering at Evan Spiegel in April 2011 as he presented his final project idea: an Instagram-like app where the photos disappeared permanently seconds after being published and viewed. No one is snickering now. Snapchat is sky rocking in popularity and controversy. Teens and marketers laud it—parents, pastors and regulators abhor it. The tools popularity is attributed to its ability to allow users to re-capture a little bit of their privacy while still being able to share moments with others. Similar to the self-exploding messages in the Mission Impossible movies, once the intended user views a Snapchat snap (e.g., photo, text), it is gone forever. But what else is getting people, brands and investors excited about Snapchat?

9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Snapchat but should

  1. Snapchat tops WhatsApp as the biggest US messaging app by volume. (source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/05/14/snapchat-tops-whatsapp-in-u-s-as-biggest-messaging-app-by-volume/). Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion dollars earlier this year.
  2. 77% of college students use Snapchat daily (source: http://mashable.com/2014/02/24/snapchat-study-college-students
  3. Google previously approached Snapchat with a rumored 10 billion dollar offer. In 2013 Facebook offered $1 million and $3 billion respectively.
  4. Brands like Acura, HBO, and Taco Bell are flocking to Snapchat since it’s largest demographic is teenagers, many of whom are fleeing Facebook
  5. Many feel the popularity of Snapchat is that it enables “sexting.” However, some data suggests this might not be true. Data from research firm Survdata indicates mobile users are more likely to use MMS than Snapchat for Sexting in a 13.1% to 26.5% difference (source: http://www.survata.com/blog/is-snapchat-only-used-for-sexting-we-asked-5000-people-to-find-out/). The research also stresses that 23-29 years olds actually sext more than 18 to 22 year olds (21% to 11%).
  6. 400 million Snapchat snaps per day (source: http://www.survata.com/blog/is-snapchat-only-used-for-sexting-we-asked-5000-people-to-find-out/)
  7. 70% of Snapchat users are female (source: http://www.survata.com/blog/is-snapchat-only-used-for-sexting-we-asked-5000-people-to-find-out/)
  8. Apple, Tinder and Facebook are investing in developing their own Snapchat clones
  9. New York social media agency Likeable is using Snapchat to recruit employees (source: http://mashable.com/2013/11/01/snapchat-recruiting-tool/)

If the above trends are any indication, the odds are you and your brand will be using Snapchat soon. - @equalman


Source: http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20140701155002-541226-9-facts-about-snapchat-every-brand-should-know?trk=prof-post

Previously Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Make Contact With Outside World #amazon

The Amazon rainforest covers about 2.1 million square miles across South America. In that vast expanse, there are tribes of people who have been tucked away and completely separated from the outside world. When people from modern society do contact these indigenous tribes, they risk violence and the spread of disease.

Brazilian officials reported recently that a tribe of people living in the Peruvian Amazon, who previously had no contact with the outside world, have just contacted a settled tribe near the Brazil-Peru border while attempting to flee illegal loggers. The group was first discovered in 2011 from aerial photographs taken by the Brazilian government.

José Carlos Meirelles worked for the Brazilian government agency FUNAI for 20 years in order to protect these indigenous people and their rights. He told Survival International that this situation felt a bit desperate, as it was the first time in 30 years that the uncontacted group were the ones to make first contact with outsiders. “Something serious must have happened. It is not normal for such a large group of uncontacted Indians to approach in this way. This is a completely new and worrying situation and we currently do not know what has caused it.”

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How To Feel Powerful Everyday #selfdevelopment

We’re always looking for power whether we know it or not. It is something that we need in order to thrive. Without it, we cannot make change, we feel hopeless and unable to make a difference in the world. A life without power is a sad one.

According to Google, “Power” is defined as ‘the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events. “the idea that men should have power over women”‘

That means that unless we direct or influence those in our lives, we’re completely powerless. Imagine the problems this type of belief would create within relationships. One partner would always have power over the other in order for them to have a healthy self-esteem. That leaves the other partner feeling negative and weak. This wrestling over who-wears-the-pants is extremely damaging to both parties. How can you feel truly uplifted and strengthened in your relationship if you’re always fighting for the upper hand?

Avoid Feeling Like A Victim

I fell victim to this type of thinking for most of my life. I quickly defended myself whenever I felt that I was being challenged or unappreciated.

Don’t get me wrong. Being strong is healthy and necessary to have a great relationship but I took this “fight for power” to the extreme. It was as if, “power” and “equality” were tangible items that I could get a piece of if I fought hard enough for them. So fight I did.

“Don’t talk to me like that!”

“Don’t leave your shoes there!”

“YOU wash the dishes!”

And on and on.

There were so many avoidable arguments.

When we fight for power, we reaffirm to ourselves that we do not have it within us. We become bullies that are only satisfied when the other gives us our way. It’s a primitive need that we’re moving past now, as conscious individuals.

As evolved beings, power no longer needs to be defined as influence or control over another but as “The capacity or ability to direct or control our own behavior despite external influences.”

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Jodie Emery creates a problem for the Conservatives #cdnpol #marcemery

Jodie Emery, the wife of marijuana activist and seed dealer Marc Emery, has declared her intention to run for a Liberal nomination in the NDP stronghold of Vancouver East. Emery’s husband, you will recall, was arrested in Nova Scotia in 2005 at the behest of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The DEA’s boss immediately called the arrest a “significant blow, not only to the marijuana trafficking trade . . . but also to the marijuana legalization movement.” Not one of history’s happier forecasts, you’d have to say.

Mr. Emery, convicted of mailing contraband seeds to American buyers, served five years in American prisons before being released last week. Canada’s Conservative government had not only shanghaied Emery and extradited him for a crime practically deemed beneath notice by Canadian police, they intervened against a plea bargain he made with American prosecutors that would have allowed him to serve part of his sentence here. Now that he is free, he plans a tour of Canada in support of the Liberal party. It is a less rude version of what I would do in his place.

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Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) Demons or Saviors #nogmo


From an economic perspective, efficiency and profitability are the most important factors. Many agricultural economists see GMOs as a technological solution, which could potentially ensure higher crop outputs with lower labor inputs, thus yielding an increase in food production under minimalized costs. Given the growth of global population in need of nourishment (UN, 2004), along with volatile climate conditions impeding crop reliability (Cramer, 2012), this vision of GMOs could justify them to be considered as miracles.

Global Panacea

If GMOs were in fact able to guarantee higher efficiency in food production, it is likely that many global food shortage problems could be solved. An increase in higher yielding, hence possibly cheaper, genetically modified food crops could possibly result in a decrease of financial resources currently transferred from developed countries to developing ones (food security aid). Instead of cohorts of aid workers sent to Africa or Asia to fight the consequences of food shortages, the inhabitants of developing regions could receive improved seeds that were genetically modified to thrive in their region’s specific climatic conditions and resist local pests (FAO, 2013). Consequently, the number of starving and undernourished people in the world would decrease, making the internal food production in these countries less dependent on food from aid schemes delivered by developed regions. Properly nourished people, especially better-fed children, translate into a more cognitively proficient populace, hence more educated adults that are likely to turn into better citizens and leaders (Brown & Pollitt, 1996). However, the provision of such genetically improved seeds, even if they are able to ensure a nontrivial increase in production efficiency won’t guarantee that the world hunger problem would disappear entirely. There are other important obstacles associated with countries’ internal, and frequently imperfect, redistribution policies. After all, many developing countries have problems stemming from poorly developed laws and corrupted government infrastructure (Kharas & Rogerson, 2012).

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The Solar Roadways Campaign: What Does It Mean for the Fight Against Climate Change? #crowdfunding

On June 20th the Solar Roadways campaign ends – having achieved more than double its $1 million goal. The project seeks to develop a modular paving system to transform every roadway, parking lot, landing strip, bike path, driveway and playground into giant solar panel. A solar grid like this would generate clean power – three times more than is needed and among other things cut carbon emissions by 75 percent.

The animated debate about the feasibility of Solar Roadways is not really the key issue and sure, we may not pave America with Solar Panels anytime soon. But the campaign tells us something important about the fight against climate change. It illustrates pent up demand among growing numbers of people to seek innovation solutions by themselves. It was as if 46,000 people said “Hey, governments don’t seem to be making progress on climate change, and that crazy inventor couple might actually be on to something. So why not spend 50 bucks for a Solar Roadways mug to pitch in?”

The campaign also points to a very big idea that could well be the key to solving this problem. Let me explain.

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Video: Six Ways NOT To Shake Hands #business #handshakes

Hand shakes matter. They are an important part of our business (and personal) life. Getting it wrong can create awkward moments and distract from making a good first impression.

I am sure you have all been there when we meet someone new and as part of the initial introduction we shake their hands - but instead of the solid, firm and confident hand shake we expect, we get a limp fish, a crushing gripper, or a sweaty slip.

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Managing Conflict #business

Conflict is a lot like water -- it spills over; it flows downhill; and, if left unchecked, it erodes whatever it touches. And sometimes it's like red wine -- it stains.

We're an opinionated bunch at a software company I co-founded. That is true whether we're dealing with the outside world (in our blog posts, conference talks, interviews, etc.) or with one another. And since we're a semivirtual company with people in 12 different cities, we don't have the benefit of body language to help inform the subtleties of discussion. Because we can't see one another, we can't serve up a smile or a "You know what I mean" glance to defuse a conflict in the making.

So we've learned a few things about managing conflict. Conflict, of course, can be a downer. But managed conflict is a good thing -- it's fertile ground for a great exchange of ideas. When people dig in and defend their positions, a deeper understanding of a problem is possible. As long as people are defending a genuine idea and not just their pride, much can be learned.

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Sleep Your Way to the Top #leadership #ErikQualman

Sleep your way to the top. These were the exact words that Arianna Huffington was directing toward me. So funny, yet so true. Or not? Was sleep, the act of getting more of it, a new form of digital leadership tool? If I slept more, could I get more done? It sounded too good to be true.

I looked at my lengthy to do list and thought how large it would grow if I started taking 8 hours of sleep instead of 5. The proposition was boarding insanity; haven't previous leaders taught us we can sleep when we are dead?! Yet, I looked at myself in the mirror and it wasn't pretty. My frenetic travel and speaking schedule was taking its toll on my health. A nervous breakdown was eminent and Arianna can be quite persuasive, so ... I was going to go for it. The sleep test was on.

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Mystery Of How The Egyptians Moved Pyramid Stones Solved #pyramids

Ancient Egyptians had to pull massive statues and pyramid stones weighing 2.5 tons on large sleds across the desert -- without any modern mechanical device. Now, new research shows how adding a small amount of water to sand significantly reduces the sliding friction -- a clever trick that allowed the Egyptians to cut the number of workers needed by half.

To make a good sandcastle, you don’t use dry sand. By adding water, the grains stick to each other, and your castle holds its shape. Same thing with sand transportation: Adding water reduces the sliding friction of any object moving over the sand. With the right amount of dampness, water droplets bind the sand grains together.

An international team led by Daniel Bonn from the University of Amsterdam tested the sliding friction of dry and wet sand by pulling a weighted sled across the surface in a tray. With dry sand, a heap would form in front of the sled, hindering its movement. And as they added water, both the force needed to pull the sled and the amount of friction decreased. As the water made the sand more rigid, the heaps got smaller and smaller until there was no obstacle forming in front of the moving sled.

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Pan American Food Festival is coming back to Toronto! #foodfestival #toronto

The second annual Pan American Food Festival – the only festival in the world that celebrates the best food and culture of the Western Hemisphere – returns to Toronto from August 8 to 10, 2014. This year’s festival will be held at Daniels Spectrum, a vibrant new community hub in the heart of downtown Toronto, and will feature an impressive roster of extraordinary chefs, led by renowned chef and culinary genius Norman Van Aken.

As Toronto gears up to host the Pan Am Games in 2015, the public is gaining an appetite for all things Pan American. The exciting flavours and cultures of the 41 countries of North, South and Central America and the Caribbean will be showcased at the Pan American Food Festival.

As in its first year, the Festival will be entirely free to the public, presenting food demonstrations by international chefs, music and dance ensembles, kids’ activities, a Pan American vendors market, and a tourism showcase called Discovering Pan American Countries. Events will be held inside Daniels Spectrum and the neighbouring streets, Regent Park Boulevard and St. David’s Walk, creating a large outdoor area for visitors to discover the delicious and diverse cuisine of the region while enjoying its most-loved musical styles. This year’s Feature Country is Peru.

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