Nando's Expands Across Canada With New Restaurant in Oshawa via @NandosPeriPeri

Not quite Spanish cuisine, but neighbours from the Iberian peninsula, Nando's Peri Peri Chicken restaurant in Oshawa will be like all the other Nando's outlets across Canada and serve up flame grilled spicy chicken dishes that are Portuguese African in origin.

New nando's in Oshawa

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@fudi_ca: Locally Grown With Global Flavours #organics #buonappetito #fudifoods #foodie #toronto via @bnn

füdi, a Canadian brand with freshly pre-made, globally inspired food entrées and spices is set to change the perception of pre-made entrees with its ingredients and labeling within Canada supermarkets and consumers. As of late 2014, füdi officially became available to the general public at major grocery stores across the Greater Toronto Area and will be expanding in additional markets within Ontario in Fall 2015.

The beauty of füdi is that with exception of the late availability of organic Ontario kale, their products are 95% Ontario sourced. The importance of locally grown organic produce is one of the many ways that separates füdi from its competitors within supermarket freezers.

"Only a generation ago, every meal started with a simple trip to the neighbourhood farmers' market and corner butcher," said Founder of füdi, Maurizio Racco. Adding that some of his fondest memories as a child were trips to the farmers' market with his family.

füdi products are cooked using an all-natural, preservative-free sous-vide cooking process. füdi prepares gourmet dishes that are cooked slowly to ensure a maximum amount of flavor as every ingredient is reflected in each bite. The result is a wholesome selection of international dishes perfected to appeal to the non-discriminating foodie in us all.

Racco further stated, "The importance of connecting to a more wholesome shopping experience in a fast-paced world made it an obvious alignment for füdi to partner with Southern Ontario's 'Baretta Farms' as the proud producer of organic meats that were grass-fed and raised without antibiotics."

Other füdi suppliers include Burnac as the exclusive supplier of organic Ontario baby kale, Malabar Superspice as the exclusive supplier of fair-trade spices from around the world and Ottawa Valley Grain Products for füdpearl barley. (for further information on each supplier available)

The current entrées/SKUs available by füdi are: All entrees (370g) are retailed at $9.99 with the variety pack (1 of each) at $45.00 -Pollo Tandoori -Pollo Cajun -Pollo Alla Cacciatore -Pollo Jerk -Pollo Santa Fe The current spices/SKUs available by füdi are: All spices (100g) are retailed at $4.99 with the variety pack (1 of each) at $30.00 -Tandoori -Cajun -Cacciatore -Jerk -Santa Fe

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ATTN: Publishers! @ArashMohtashami chat on @CanadaCouncil New Funding Model #CanadianPublishing via @magscanada

BHIVE Social Labs loves building organic communities and understands the challenge first hand on what it takes to build one, something they call a Honey Hive.  Hopefully by the end of the year, BHIVE will announce a uniquely innovative product that will be the "must have" for future digital publishers, something they tentatively call "A Honey HIVE or a Portal With An Audience".  

Over the last 5 years, BHIVE has helped companies as large as a bank and as small as your local mom and pop shoppe to leverage the power of social media.  Over the years, BHIVE has built an organic audience that stretches across North America which they have used for their clients. By the end of the year, or if everything goes as planned, BHIVE will be inviting a number of publishers to participate in this proposed Honey Hive Pilot Program. In short, BHIVE will enable publishers to deliver their content across a network, hence the term a Portal With An Audience aka A Honey Hive. Our own website, Mercado Magazine is actually a working Honey Hive.  Nonetheless, BHIVE can't do this alone and will be seeking support from Magazines Canada and Canada Council for the Arts in the further development of this unique pilot program.

If you are interested in participating or would like to know more, please register at as we will be holding an information session over the next few months.Now onto even more exciting news:  Arash Mohtashami-Maali, Head of the Canada Council for the Arts Writing and Publishing Section, is paying a special visit to Magazines Canada on July 9 and YOU are invited.

The Canada Council has announced a new funding model that will affect many of Magazines Canada's members. You have questions and Mr. Mohtashami-Maali has generously offered to pay us a "house call" to address them.

If you will be in Toronto on July 9, you are welcome to come in person to Magazines Canada's office at 425 Adelaide St W. suite 700, Toronto, ON. Otherwise, you can participate by phone via a conference line. Either way, please rsvp to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by July 2 and state whether you will be attending live or remotely.

For members who can't participate in this visit, or who have follow up questions down the line, Arash will also at the Cultural Magazines Summit on October 16, following the FIPP World Congress.

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The Greatest Cold Call Opener Ever #business #sales

How do you start a cold conversation with a gatekeeper? This is a challenge that haunts salespeople the world over. If you struggle with cold calling, you might find this technique helpful and one to build upon over time.

This is not a stand-alone opening line. It's not to be rattled off by a mediocre sales rep intending to waltz by the gatekeeper on the way to the executive lounge. Nope, this one requires homework. When done properly, it can and will make a significant improvement in your cold calling efforts.

Here are the steps to prepare you for using the opening line:

Step 1: Leverage your verticals

In order for the opening line to work, divide up your customers into verticals (industries, subsets, groupings, and so). In other words, group them by kind, however you may define it--demographic, size of company, industry, location, etc. The more connections these groups have, the better. They will serve two primary purposes: building vertical call lists and creating customer one-sheets.

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The Art of Following Up (Without Being Annoying)

How many times should you follow up after a pitch goes unanswered? Chances are, more than you do now. Here's how to redouble your efforts--tactfully.

I once sent a pitch to a former client. I hadn't worked for this client in several months, but she paid well and I was eager to get another piece of business. I was certain I had a proposal she would be interested in. But my contact didn't respond to my first email. Or my second one, a couple of weeks later, or my third, a couple of weeks after that.

We had a strong history together and I really wanted to work with her again. And so, instead of my usual practice of giving up after a couple of tries, I kept at it. After yet another email went unanswered, I called her office and left a message. A week later, I left a message again. (I was feeling more and more like a stalker, but I really wanted the job.) A week after that, I called one more time--and she happened to pick up the phone.

She hadn't read or didn't remember my emails or phone messages, so I explained once more what I had in mind.

"That's interesting to me," she said. And gave me the job.

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Become a Master Negotiator in 4 Easy Steps

Learning to negotiate is one of the most important business skills you can have.

What's уоur best price?"

"That's tоо expensive."

"Your competitor is selling thе sаmе thing for … $X."

Most salespeople аnd business owners hear statements likе this еvеrу day. Тhаt mеаns it's imроrtаnt tо learn hоw tо negotiate mоrе effectively. Неrе аrе fivе strategies thаt will help you become a master of negotiation аnd drive mоrе dollars tо уоur bottom line:

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What the CIA's Ridiculously Intense Hiring Process Can Teach Us #HR

Aside from perhaps running for President of the United States, the most intense hiring process in America belongs to its own Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which often takes two years.

The process will almost certainly uncover your deepest, darkest secrets and use them against you. Along with you undergoing every possible assessment out there, from polygraph exams to personality tests, your family, your exes, your neighbors and your friends will all be interrogated.

Along the way, if you lie, or even exaggerate, you’ll be instantly disqualified. Obviously, you can’t take drugs or commit any criminal acts. And you have to be under the age of 35.

All that, for a job that pays below your market value, that you can’t talk about to even your closest friends and comes with the distinct possibility of being killed, tortured or the government denying your very existence.

So what is the CIA really looking for in its recruits? One word: passion.

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7 Quotes That Help Explain Why Elon Musk Is Such a Hot Shot

From flying cars to artificial intelligence, the SpaceX founder has some big, controversial ideas--and he's not afraid to share them.

Elon Musk has always been a quotable guy--and this week is no exception for the 43-year-old Tesla and SpaceX CEO. His recent media appearances ahead of a yet-unknown big announcement have him in the spotlight again. At Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit in San Francisco, he riffed on everything from the dangers of flying cars to the potential for artificial intelligences to destroy human life.

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The Worst Mistake You Can Make When You Quit a Job #IQuit

I've made plenty of mistakes. Big ones, little ones, expensive ones. Name it and I've messed it up.

Yet the mistake I made when I left a job haunts me more than any other.

In 2000 I took a leadership position at a commercial print facility that had just been acquired by a venture capital firm. Initially I was in charge of quality which was ironic since I came from a culture where productivity was everything.

Every other member of the leadership team was also new. Randy was in charge of customer service and scheduling; we had worked together previously and he basically got me the job.

John, the bindery manager, had more than 30 years of experience with R.R. Donnelley (where Randy and I had also once worked) and Quebecor, two giants of the printing industry.

Unfortunately that background didn't serve him particularly well in his new role. His command and control leadership style bombed with employees accustomed to playing political games in a family-owned business.

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3 Must-Do's in Your 40's to Make Sure You're Employed in Your 50's #GenX

I was chatting with our Community Manager this week and she commented on the significant increase in emails and calls she was getting from people in their fifties and sixties who were struggling to find work. Each one starts with, "let me tell you my story..." and ends with, "it never used to be this hard to find a job."

While their stories are intensely personal to them, and heart-breaking for us to hear, the truth is, they all say roughly the same thing.

Every story goes something like this:

1) In the early years, I climbed the career ladder, but didn't truly love what I was doing.

2) When I reached a certain point, I had 'golden handcuffs' and decided to just do the job because it paid decently, I was good at it, and I could focus on other areas of my life that needed attention (i.e. family, etc.).

3) Then suddenly, the market changed, I got laid-off (or fired), and now nobody wants to talk to me. I think I'm being discriminated against because of my age.

Looking back, it's easy to see where they went wrong...

As the saying goes, "hindsight is 20/20" - and for these folks, it's not hard to see where they went off-course in their career journey. The sad part is, they were doing what they were told to do: make peace with your career and take care of the other areas of your life. Sounds like good advice, but in reality, not focusing on the career that gives you financial security and a sense of identity can come back to haunt you. Especially these days, when the average length of a job assignment is two years and changing jobs frequently is the 'new normal' in career development.

Don't want this to be your future? Do these three things:

For those of you brave enough to read this post, here's what you should do:

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7 Things Motivated People Don't Do #motivation

At The Culture Works, our research teams have surveyed more 850,000 people to learn what makes people the most motivated and engaged in their careers. We found that when individuals are fulfilled on the job they not only produce higher quality work and a greater output, but also generally earn higher incomes. And those most satisfied with their work are also 150 percent more likely to have a happier life overall.

As we researched this subject for our new book What Motivates Me, what follows are seven things we found the most motivated, fulfilled people don’t do:

They don't chase the almighty buck (if that’s not what motivates them).

Motivation is not about doing what anyone else thinks is right for you, nor is it necessarily about chasing a job that pays well if money is not what floats your boat. It’s about aligning more of your work with what drives you. People differ enormously in what makes them happy—for some challenge, excelling and pressure are the greatest sources of happiness, for others money and prestige, but for others service, friendship and fun are more satisfying in a workplace. The trick is in identifying your core drivers and then aligning your work to do more of what you love and little less of what frustrates you.

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